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Society of American Military Engineers, Honolulu Post Volunteers for University of Hawaii Junior Engineering Expo

Honolulu, HI (01 March 2013)— Volunteers from Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), Honolulu Post hosted the “Juice Box Tower” challenge at the University of Hawaii (UH) Junior Engineering Expo.

The UH Junior Engineering Expo is held annually and hosts over 200 students from Oahu middle schools. Middle school students had a chance to meet UH engineering students and others in the engineering industry, including SAME volunteers from the Architect/Engineering (A-E) consulting field. Middle school students competed in various engineering competitions, such as bridge building, a marshmallow catapult and SAME’s activity - the “Juice Box Tower” structural competition. Students were given a stack of colorful construction paper and one roll of Scotch tape. The rules were provided to students prior to “construction” of their tower and students were asked to build a construction paper structure that would be given 1 point for each six inches of height and 2 points for every juice box that was able to be stacked on top of the structure. Students from each school had to work together as a team to determine the best approach for building their structure. After 30 minutes, all of the schools presented their structures and attempted to stack the juice boxes on the top. Most of the groups’ structures were able to hold all of the 16 juice boxes, however, some toppled and fell under the weight. Points were totaled and awards were given to the middle schools that won the most points in each of the different junior expo competitions. The students had fun along with the SAME volunteers and it was a great way to interact with aspiring engineering, science and technology students in a fun activity that demonstrates basic engineering concepts.

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