Post Operations

 PostOperationsManual-Cover Download a copy of the 2014
Post Operations Manual

Post Operations information is online for your convenience. For your ease in accessing information, you can download 2014 Post Operations Manual [PDF]. Or, you can select from among the six sections noted below: (1) Guiding Documents & Structure; (2) post Financial Guidelines; (3) Post Operations & Administration; (4) Relationships & Recognition; (5) Communications & Outreach; and (6) Education & Training. Under each heading is the information contained in that section.

Please click on the heading below to be directed to the information contained within that section. You will need your e-mail address and SAME Member ID number to access this “Members Only” portion of the SAME website.

Best Practices

Who has time to re-invent the wheel?  This ever-growing collection of Post Program Best Practices, Models, and Samples are used by other SAME Posts and is designed to generate ideas and save you time.  Feel free to adapt to your needs or adopt it as is!

Guiding Documents & Structure

  • Important historical documents
  • Ethics information
  • SAME Strategic Plan
  • Insurance request guidelines
  • Certificates

Post Financial Guidelines

  • Retrieve IRS information & ID numbers
  • Exemption numbers
  • IRS Determination Letter (also known as the National Tax Exemption Certificate)
  • Best practices for Post finances

Post Operations & Administration

  • Post Operations Handbook (2013 Edition)
  • Guidance on establishing, maintaining and growing a Post
  • Script for Officer Transition Ceremony
  • Info on getting POC lists and Officer reports from CLAS (Chapter Leader Access System)
  • Annual Post Streamer Awards information
  • Post Leaders Workshop information & presentations
  • Government Attendance at SAME Conferences

Relationships & Recognition

  • Guidance on how to recognize Post members through the national awards programs
  • Streamer Awards information
  • SAME Committees & Councils

Communication & Outreach

  • Guidance on how best to communicate with Post members
  • Photo Release Form
  • Official SAME Logos
  • Post Outreach to Students
  • Communications & Outreach Best Practices

Education & Training

  • SAME Calendar of Events
  • SAME Continuing Education Program Courses & Webinars
  • Scholarship Guidelines
  • Guidance on PDH administration & CPC requirements
  • SAME Continuing Professional Competency Guide
  • Learn about Education and Training opportunities
  • Conference Planning Library


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